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"How to Become an Escape Artist" a Traveler's Handbook (Paperback)

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Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award, (for an unpublished manuscript) this Handbook shares ideas about the fun and heart-changing qualities of travel. It includes (among other things) tips on preparation, how to meet speakers of another language, packing, safety, and bargaining for cultural treasures. It even deals with the thump of returning home. Every thoughtful traveler should own the book in "E" and/or print form. It is illustrated with story-telling images from Jackie's immersion in the cultures of over 100 countries. The book will be kept current through and could well become a standard reference for years to come. It is more about the "how tos" of meeting people of other cultures than of seeing places, landscapes, and buildings. There are many guides on the market for those skills. In the process of growing up, we sometimes exchange realty for our youthful dreams of the exotic wonders of the world and its mysterious peoples. People face social and financial responsibilities. These no doubt threaten their appetite for adventure. The human imagination has always wanted the freedom to escape for a journey into the unknown. Jackie helps the reader shift gears into becoming a sensitive traveler while transforming their lives in a permanent way. The book covers just about every aspect of travel, with fresh, practical, and inexpensive ideas, recounting actual experiences while peppering the pages with examples. It is at once a self-help book, a photo-journalistic report, and a memoir containing wisdom accumulated over a lifetime by a true world travel diva. As an introduction to the rest of Jackie Chase's books, it will cement her fan base. Anyone not saving more than the book cost on a trip is likely to have overlooked the author's many ideas to save while still having a great experience.

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ISBN: 9781937630188
ISBN-10: 1937630188
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 202
Language: English