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Out of Darkness: Book 1 in the Shady Oaks Series (Paperback)

Out of Darkness: Book 1 in the Shady Oaks Series Cover Image
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Sometimes, nothing is ever as it seems. Nora lost her mother two years ago in a devastating car accident. Saved by an unknown angel, she has dreamed of blue eyes rescuing her. After being forced to live with her dad and evil step-mother, Nora seeks danger and the rush that makes her feel alive again. With each risk she takes, she hopes to see those blue eyes once again. Liam has been given a second chance at life, but he see's his new gift as a punishment. Sent to earth as a messenger to death, a dark angel if you will, Liam relishes in the darkness that surrounds him. And all because of one girl who he saved from death, more times than he can count. When the unlikely pair meet, their lives become intertwined as Liam's secret could destroy not only his relationship with Nora, but her life. As Nora uncovers the layers to Liam and her new hometown of Shady Oaks, she quickly learns her prince charming may be more of a dark prince and the town in which she calls home, may be more twisted than she ever imagined. In this young adult fantasy novel, good meets evil as two teens rush to break through the darkness and save themselves.Discover more from the Shady Oaks Series at:

Product Details
ISBN: 9781949050493
ISBN-10: 1949050491
Publisher: Kingston Publishing Company
Publication Date: October 6th, 2018
Pages: 124
Language: English