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Sword and Scion 03: The Reign of Delusion (Paperback)

Sword and Scion 03: The Reign of Delusion By Jackson E. Graham Cover Image
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"Change is difficult for one to attain when the mind is addled with the despairing words of liars."

"All people are free to choose their master--whether it be the truth or a ruse."

Castle Asdale has risen to glory from its former ashes. Under the leadership of Eyo's Kingson, Taekohar enjoys a stable peace and prosperity. With the threat of illness spreading across Alithell, Eyo's and Gwyndel travel to secure relief for Taekohar's people. Instead, they are trapped in a land where the hearts of men are frozen. Violence rules the snowy wastelands of Norgalok with an iron fist, and fear sows turmoil and mistrust. With the aid of a noble few, Eyo's and Gwyndel fight back a sinister evil that threatens to exploit the people's terror.

War lies on the horizon--and in Norgalok, fear is no discerner of persons.

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ISBN: 9781950917914
ISBN-10: 1950917916
Publisher: Young Oak Publishing LLC
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2019
Pages: 366
Language: English