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Japanese Kanji Made Easy: An Easy Step-By-Step Workbook to Learn the Basic Japanese Kanji (JLPT N5) (Paperback)

Japanese Kanji Made Easy: An Easy Step-By-Step Workbook to Learn the Basic Japanese Kanji (JLPT N5) By Lingo Mastery Cover Image
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Are you looking to reach the next level in Japanese?

It's time to learn Kanji, the easy way.

One of the most popular languages in the world, Japanese has now become the sixth most learned language across the globe, with over four million learners Learning Japanese will allow you to unlock an immense amount of media, including series, anime and manga, music and video games, as well as opening plenty of doors to professional opportunities in billion-dollar companies.
However, there is an obstacle to most students that can really cause headaches: the Kanji alphabet, or more specifically, the first 102 Kanji characters that represent the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N5), as this can decide whether or not you pass the first important test in Japanese proficiency. And you're definitely going to want to pass this test if you want to dominate the language and call yourself a true Japanese speaker
But worry not - this is how Japanese Kanji Made Easy will take your Kanji learning to new levels: - Making use of special writing practice blocks, we facilitate the practice of writing Kanji characters with our step-by-step approach until you master their stroke order and develop your muscle memory.- Utilizing the latest in teaching methods and both common and not-so-common vocabulary to help you get used to speaking like a native, we provide you with insight into the origins of Japanese Kanji and help you visualize what each character means, as well as how they are used in context.- With an enormous amount of beautiful high-quality images, we keep the book fun and entertaining, especially in the exercises - Oh, and finally, since we're talking about exercises - we have also included audio listening exercises for you to make the most of and dominate not only your reading and writing but also your listening and speaking capabilities
Start learning the first 102 Kanji characters (needed for the JLPT N5 examination) with the first level of our Japanese Kanji Made Easy series - you'll be talking, writing and breezing through exams like a native in no time

Pick up your copy of Japanese Kanji Made Easy and level up your Japanese language learning and speaking skills right now

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ISBN: 9781951949693
ISBN-10: 1951949692
Publisher: Lingo Mastery
Publication Date: January 18th, 2023
Pages: 166
Language: English