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Kundalini: Expand Mind Power, Gain Spiritual Awareness, Open Your Third Eye, Enhance Psychic Abilities and Discover Transcendence (Hardcover)

Kundalini: Expand Mind Power, Gain Spiritual Awareness, Open Your Third Eye, Enhance Psychic Abilities and Discover Transcendence By Lisa Blake Cover Image
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Kundalini energy is an expansive, empowering energy that will entirely transform your life from the inside out. Discover how kundalini energy can be integrated into your everyday life and experience the value of your higher capabilities by tapping into your expanded mind power. In Kundalini, we'll discuss how you can realize your highest potential and experience the magnitude of life itself...

In this book, you'll discover powerful, practical measures for integrating Kundalini into your life experience, while also using it to create the life of your dreams. Be aware, though - the life of your dreams is unlikely to be the one you originally imagined it would be. Upon activating your Kundalini energies, you'll likely discover that you trade your materialistic desires for spiritual gains or personal growth, all of which are capable of providing you with an abundance of fulfillment and joy...

The primary topics covered in this book include the physical and spiritual methods for approaching mind power and expanding your potential. Throughout this book, you'll discover everything you need to practically and spiritually embrace the life you desire...

Physically, we'll discuss how movement, diet, and practical self-care measures can provide you with a solid foundation to root your life force energy into. The more you care for your body, the stronger your spiritual integration can become, and the more you gain from this energy...

Spiritually, we'll discuss how you can engage in meaningful rituals that expand your capacity to call in life force energy and work with it intentionally. Through this approach, you gain the capacity to co-create your life in a way that serves your highest good...

In this book you'll learn:

  • What mind power is, and how it is affected by physical and spiritual experiences
  • The value of Kundalini yoga and how you can integrate this into your daily life
  • Why food affects your energy and how to consume an energy balancing and expanding diet with Ayurveda
  • How relationships affect mind power and the necessary steps to expanding your energy through lovingly detached relationships
  • The number one killer of mind power, and how you can spot and eliminate it from your life
  • Which mindsets empower your mind power and provide you with growth opportunities
  • Why you must deepen your sense of self and how this improves your life experience
  • The value of tapping into your problem-solving abilities so you can enjoy the natural abilities of your mind
  • Why you need to engage in an ego death, and how to choose happiness
  • The theory of mirrors and why everyone around you is a mirror for you
  • How to invoke the energy of creativity and use it to your advantage
  • And so much more

Kundalini is the ultimate go-to guide for anyone that wishes to expand their mind power and embrace the value of Kundalini in their everyday life. Discover how you can embody the essence of your true kundalini and life force energy

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781954797154
ISBN-10: 195479715X
Publisher: Kyle Andrew Robertson
Publication Date: December 18th, 2020
Pages: 110
Language: English