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Loving the Alien (Paperback)

Loving the Alien By Joann Schauf Cover Image
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Everything was going along well until your child entered adolescence. Now your once compliant child isolates in their room, gives one-word answers, and prefers their peers over you. You feel obsolete and your parenting style is ineffective.

In Loving the Alien, author JoAnn Schauf, acknowledges this pain and teaches parents leadership skills to lead their children through puberty, their search for identity, and their immature prefrontal cortex with confidence and wisdom. Parents recognize themselves in the stories that introduce each chapter. They then shift to a parenting philosophy that motivates them to invest in approaches that address shared problem-solving, discussing sex and relationships, eliminating entitlement, and communicating to build connection.

This step-by-step approach empowers not just your tween to thrive, but both of you to grow in respect and understanding. This results in fewer conflicts and more joy for your family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781964014043
ISBN-10: 1964014042
Publisher: Tasfil Publishing LLC
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 230
Language: English