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Harry's War: A War World II Memoir (Paperback)

Harry's War: A War World II Memoir By Harry L. Runyan, John V. Quarstein (Joint Author) Cover Image
By Harry L. Runyan, John V. Quarstein (Joint Author)
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Harry L. Runyan served the United States as an engineering officer during World War II. Supported by award-winning historian and author John V. Quarstein, Runyan has shared his unique viewpoint of this world-changing event in Harry's War: A World War II Memoir.

Perfect for anyone interested in history, Harry's War describes the 30th PRS history, from formation, through training and action, to final demobilization, as well as its "everyman" soldiers, like Runyan himself, who gave up safety, security, and loved ones to fight for what they believed in.

As much a tale told in words, it is one told in compelling photographs taken by a young Runyan. Aerial closeups of destroyed cities, pre-D-Day dicing pictures showing the German defenses, high-altitude photos of the D-Day invasion, and personal snapshots of the men and the planes that carried out the war, both in action and going about their daily routines, offer glimpses into a world few have seen.

- Professional historians, especially those interested in WW II and modern European history

- Other individuals interested in military and aviation history, including descendants of those who served in the Army and USAAF. There are dozens of pictures of the men who served in the 30th, with the individuals identified. Also included are many photos of Nose Art of the 30th.

- Current service members who are today active in this same field

- Military & aviation museums, libraries

- Most any pilot who has ever taken a photo from his airplane- and there are many aviation/pilot societies (most pilots are very excitable about anything to do with flying)

- Those interested in the history, uses of, and growth of photographic technology - to this end I have a 10-page explanation of Photo Reconnaissance written by the men in the 30th during the war complete with actual photos and descriptions of how & why they took certain photos of specific targets - written in a nontechnical way complete with cartoon drawings aiding the text

- Anyone interested in the personal stories of men at war or who wants to see how war affects the participants, even those who are seldom in the line of fire. some Many of the stories remain poignant and humorous.

- Anyone who values history and understands that we must work to protect, and increase our knowledge of what took place years ago, and to learn from those experiences.

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ISBN: 9781977225597
ISBN-10: 1977225594
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: December 19th, 2020
Pages: 196
Language: English