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Fluent For Free: How to Learn Any Language at No Cost and Change your Life in the Process (Paperback)

Fluent For Free: How to Learn Any Language at No Cost and Change your Life in the Process By Maria Spantidi Cover Image
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This can be the last time you spend money on learning a new language...

Are you tired of spending too much money on language classes and courses with little progress to show for it?

Do you feel others can learn a new language successfully, but you can't?

Are you eager to learn a new language but are feeling frustrated and lost?

Then Fluent For Free is the book for you

This practical book will:

- Debunk the myth that you need to pay a lot of money to learn a language successfully

- Challenge the belief that languages are only for the talented and clever

- Teach you how to learn a language by yourself and create your own learning routine to obtain the best results

- Show you how to leverage the internet to master any language at home

- Suggest free learning resources and methods to choose from

- Encourage you to become the leader of your journey, find your best learning style, and have a lot of fun while learning a new language

- Help you unlock your hidden potential, overcome any limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and change your life for good

Fluent For Free is a no-nonsense book written to help anyone, at any age, to overcome fear, eliminate frustration, end boredom, and design a risk-free learning plan to successfully master any language, without having to pay for it. It challenges everything you've been told about language learning.

Follow the advice in this book and you'll gain new skills that will help you not only learn another language, but also teach yourself any skill out there

What's stopping you from learning your dream language using 100% free methods?

Product Details
ISBN: 9783982185606
ISBN-10: 3982185602
Publisher: Maria Spantidi
Publication Date: May 14th, 2020
Pages: 244
Language: English