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Cracking the Generics Code: Your Single-Source Success Manual for Winning in Multi-Source Product Markets! (Hardcover)

Cracking the Generics Code: Your Single-Source Success Manual for Winning in Multi-Source Product Markets! Cover Image
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Cracking the Generics Code unravels the mystery of the DNA for success in the international generic drug markets. The key to the generics code is a synthesis of insights gained from a detailed study of twenty leading players.

A detailed analysis of these twenty companies reveals the success code of 'Ten essential elements of a winning strategy.' The book presents insights gleaned and gained from the game-plans employed by these twenty highly successful companies in a sustained-release capsule form.

The game-plans of these companies reflect this spirit of success, optimism, and confidence. The ten essential strategic elements of these winning gameplans are discussed in ten separate chapters. These are:

1. Strategic Vision

2. Reaching the Critical Mass

3. Marketing Mindset

4. Technology Focus

5. Focusing on Research

6. Intellectual Capital

7. Integrating Strategically

8. Internationalizing the Business

9. Attracting Alliances

10. Operational Excellence

These twenty companies' strategies provide invaluable lessons for the discerning reader, whether he is an executive who is shaping his company's future, or an analyst studying and measuring the corporate performance, or a management student in pursuit of understanding how companies achieve superior sustainable performance.

Cracking the Generics Code presents the continuing adventure story of about twenty international generic pharmaceutical companies from different geographies such as the US, Germany, Japan, China, India, and Jordan that are hell-bent on becoming competitive and staying competitive in Pharma's globalized world. While these players originate from different geographical regions of the world, the principles of their strategy and their business processes towards the adaptation of change are universally applicable and, therefore, replicable.

Cracking the Generics Code, therefore, offers valuable insights in terms of what needs to be done, and more importantly, how it can be done to achieve a higher degree of competitiveness in the brave new world of globalized Pharma by showing how a bunch of never-say-die companies are doing it successfully in some parts of the globe.

In sum, Cracking the Generics Code is your single-source success manual for winning at multi-source (generic drugs) product markets

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ISBN: 9789390211647
ISBN-10: 9390211646
Publisher: Pharma Med Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
Pages: 668
Language: English