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Go Syndicate Yourself!: From Local to National: Six Steps and Countless Secrets to Radio Syndication (Paperback)

Go Syndicate Yourself!: From Local to National: Six Steps and Countless Secrets to Radio Syndication Cover Image
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Never in the history of radio has there been a better time to syndicate. With so many stations in dire need of talent and the "local personality" becoming more obsolete every day, the option of syndication makes sense both as a pathway toward expanding your broadcast career and as a backup to protect its very existence. But just how do you get syndicated?

Veteran programmer and syndicated host Randy "R Dub " Williams takes you behind the microphone and into the world of network syndication. His second tell-all book serves as a virtual how-to manual and detailed course covering the ins and outs of this exhilarating yet often mysterious business. From laying down the broad foundation of how the industry works-in layman's terms-to getting deep into the weeds, Williams takes the reader by the hand through six main steps and countless secrets, delivered from both a talent's and program director's perspective. From production, formatics, presentation and the burning question, "How do I get a syndication deal?", there isn't an element of the entire process that's not poked, prodded, examined and explored.

In addition to Williams' clear and proven instructions, the book welcomes the wisdom of today's top syndicated hosts, the network execs who sign on new shows, and the programming VPs searching for outside talent. If you have a great show and are ready to take it-and your life-to the next stage, grab this book and GO SYNDICATE YOURSELF

Special guests include: Delilah, Dave Ramsey, Tino Cochino, Rick Party, Bill Handel, The Bert Show, The Breakfast Club, Mojo in the Morning, Romeo, Dr. Laura, Whitney Allen, Ace & TJ, Johnjay and Rich and dozens more hosts who outline their story and secrets to success and what it takes to make it nationally. The book also features in-depth interviews with the heads of every major syndication company--from Westwood One to Premiere--who explain what they're looking for when they sign a new show. And finally, we speak to the nation's most respected program directors from every major broadcasting company; they talk about what it is they're searching for from outside talent, what not to do, and even the best way to contact them.

About the author: Award-winning radio personality, program director, syndicator and entrepreneur, Randy "R Dub " Williams has been in the radio game since the age of 15. His over 25 years in the business include successful stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego, both on the air and in the programming chair. His 2009 syndication book Coast to Coast helped pave the way for many up-and-coming syndicated talents, while his 2011 radio documentary "A.M. Mayhem" has received numerous awards. Today, his Slow Jams empire includes four different radio shows heard on over 200 stations in 17 countries.

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ISBN: 9798666921357
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 474
Language: English