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The Complete Shadow Work Workbook & Journal: Exercises and Prompts to Prioritize Your Well-Being and Heal Old Wounds (Paperback)

The Complete Shadow Work Workbook & Journal: Exercises and Prompts to Prioritize Your Well-Being and Heal Old Wounds By Kelly Bramblett Cover Image
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Face your fears and embrace healing with this shadow work guide—featuring introspective activities and detailed journal prompts

Your shadow mind is the unconscious part of yourself where fear, shame, and trauma live. Learning to confront and accept this shadow mind is called shadow work—and it's the first step to releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back. If you could use a boost of confidence or a fresh perspective, this all-in-one journal and workbook shows you how to navigate your shadow mind to improve self-awareness and heal from the past. From an overview of shadow work to journal prompts, activities, and more, this book is the ideal starting point for anyone interested in shadow work, covering everything you need to begin your journey.
  • Meet your shadow self — Start with a detailed introduction that makes it simple to understand shadow work, even if you've never practiced it before.
  • Journey into self-discovery — Open your mind with prompts and exercises that walk you through shadow work, like tracking your emotions or setting a new goal, then reflect on your progress with insightful journal prompts.
  • Find expert guidance — Learn from an experienced life coach, trauma specialist, and shadow work practitioner as you heal old wounds and live a more joyful life.

Leave behind what doesn't serve you and look forward with a sense of inner peace.

About the Author

KELLY BRAMBLETT is a certified life coach, clinical trauma specialist, law of attraction practitioner, emotional freedom technique practitioner, and a level three Usui Reiki master teacher. She specializes in trauma recovery and mindset coaching. Her mission is to inspire others to heal the collective by first healing themselves.

Praise For…

"Kelly Bramblett presents an essential guide for diving into the inner work in a safe and gentle way. This journal allows readers to unpack their past with tools and prompts that in turn will help you live an abundant life free from the past." — Emma Mumford, bestselling author of Positively Wealthy and Hurt, Healing, Healed

"Kelly Bramblett’s The Complete Shadow Work Workbook & Journal is sure to take you on a journey of self-discovery in order to confront and overcome the barriers you’ve unknowingly set for yourself. By courageously venturing down the path of self-love and self-acceptance, you are sure to experience a profound transformation from within. Armed with the tools and reflections in this trusty guide, this adventure inward promises to lead you back to the whole, glorious human being you truly are." — Christy Holt, bestselling author of Unstuck for Women and Unstuck for Women Daily Self Discovery Journal, and podcast host

"Another must-have for my healing bookshelf, The Complete Shadow Work Workbook & Journal is a beautiful combination of helpful information, insights, prompts, and exercises. Kelly is an excellent guide, as her supportive, grounded words encourage a positive and forward momentum into the sacred space of healing. This is a book I will be recommending to my clients, family, and friends. " — Jackie “Laara” Herod (Light Codes by Laara), healing practitioner, spiritual mentor, and bestselling author

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ISBN: 9798886509724
Publisher: Callisto
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English