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The BackCare Blueprint: End Chronic Back Pain without Pills, Shots or Surgery and Reclaim the Life You Love! (Paperback)

The BackCare Blueprint: End Chronic Back Pain without Pills, Shots or Surgery and Reclaim the Life You Love! By Lynne Ann Paterson Cover Image
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The BackCare Blueprint

Chronic lower back pain - the number one cause of missed workdays and the most common type of back pain - continues to increase in men and women around the world. With advances in both allopathic and complementary medicine, why is back pain still on the rise?

If you've suffered with chronic back pain for months, years, or even decades, there may be something missing from your pain management program - YOU

The majority of people (75%) with chronic back pain also have a structural misalignment of the spine, so it makes sense to both manage and mitigate pain by correcting the issue at its source - the spinal misalignment causing back pain. Lynne's holistic approach returns the body to its natural, pain-free state of health, without the need for medical intervention.

The BackCare Blueprint provides clear guidance to help you properly realign your whole body in "everyday" postures like standing, sitting, walking, bending, and twisting. These common positions, which you do daily, at home and at work, are where you have the most power to adjust your posture and reduce back pain. The techniques in this book will teach you get out of pain and stay out of pain, yourself. The practices can be used on their own and/or in between physician, physical therapy, chiropractic, and bodywork appointments to enhance their efficacy. Once mastered, these techniques will help you move with greater ease and more freedom during any physical activity: walking, hiking, jogging, skiing, dancing, yoga, cycling, surfing, exercise, and more. You can turn any movement into a pain-relieving practice.

Specific alignment, mindfulness, and breath techniques are paired with easy to follow instructions, placing the power to heal back in your own hands, where it belongs.

In reading The BackCare Blueprint, you will discover what's missing from your current approach to back pain. You can shift the attitudes and beliefs which may contribute to a never-ending cycle of back pain. You will identify the main structural misalignment causing your back pain and learn about the type, language, and location of that pain. With these insights, you'll be able to select specific "best" practices to restore balance and harmony. Throughout the book, there are places to jot down your observations and become more active in your healing process. The additional resource section contains information about effective herbal remedies for pain that can replace OTC painkillers, lowering the risk of side effects. These remedies can make you more comfortable while you learn to adjust and realign your own body.

If you're ready to shift from dependency on pain-meds and medical procedures, and adopt a proactive approach where you become reliant on yourself and your body's innate capacity to heal, this book is for you. Breaking a cycle of chronic pain is possible when you apply the techniques and wisdom of The BackCare Blueprint. This program will help you step on the path to recovery, healing, and health as you learn to get, and stay, out of chronic back pain, yourself.

In addition to The BackCare Blueprint book, Lynne has developed an online video companion course, The BackCare Blueprint Program. Lynne offers private consultations and individual and group training in her method. Contact Lynne at

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ISBN: 9798988032700
Publisher: Lynne Ann Paterson / Prakasa
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English