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Taming the Octopus: The Long Battle for the Soul of the Corporation By Kyle Edward Williams Cover Image
You Will Own Nothing: Your War with a New Financial World Order and How to Fight Back By Carol Roth Cover Image
The Problem of Twelve: When a Few Financial Institutions Control Everything By John Coates Cover Image
Trust.: Responsible Ai, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership By Dominique Shelton Leipzig Cover Image
The Profiteers: How Business Privatizes Profits and Socializes Costs By Christopher Marquis Cover Image
Leading Through Disruption: A Changemaker's Guide to Twenty-First Century Leadership By Andrew Liveris Cover Image
The New CEO: Lessons from Ceos on How to Start Well and Perform Quickly (Minus the Common Mistakes) By Ty Wiggins Cover Image
Sustainable: Moving Beyond Esg to Impact Investing By Terrence Keeley Cover Image
The Story of Tata: 1868 to 2021 | An authorized account of the Tata family and their companies with exclusive interviews with Ratan Tata | Non-fiction Biography, Penguin Books By Peter Casey Cover Image
The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age By Tim Wu Cover Image
High Performance Boards: Improving and Energizing Your Governance By Didier Cossin Cover Image
Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies By Bill Snow Cover Image
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Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values (Columbia Business School Publishing) By Lawrence Cunningham Cover Image
DisneyWar By James B. Stewart Cover Image
Beacons of Leadership: Inspiring Lessons of Success in Business and Innovation By Chris Voss Cover Image
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Esg: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review By Harvard Business Review Cover Image
The Race to Zero: How Esg Investing Will Crater the Global Financial System By Paul H. Tice Cover Image
Disrupting Data Governance: A Call to Action By Laura Madsen Cover Image
Rotten: Why Corporate Misconduct Continues and What to Do about It By Marc J. Epstein, Kirk O. Hanson Cover Image
CORPORATE POWER and OLIGARCHY, How Our Democracy Can Prevail Over Authoritarianism and Fascism By John P. Geyman Cover Image
Creating High Value PMOs: Your Essential Guide By Brendon Baker Cover Image
Founder's Guide to Governance: Beyond a Good Idea By Michael J. Robinson Cover Image
Dear Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism By Jeff Gramm Cover Image
Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies By Bill Snow Cover Image