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Gray Areas: How the Way We Work Perpetuates Racism and What We Can Do to Fix It By Adia Harvey Wingfield Cover Image
Bully Market: My Story of Money and Misogyny at Goldman Sachs By Jamie Fiore Higgins Cover Image
DEI Deconstructed: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Doing the Work and Doing It Right By Lily Zheng Cover Image
Reconstructing DEI: A Practitioner's Workbook By Lily Zheng Cover Image
Radical Respect: How to Work Together Better By Kim Scott Cover Image
Subtle Acts of Exclusion, Second Edition: How to Understand, Identify, and Stop Microaggressions By Tiffany Jana, Michael Baran Cover Image
Handling Allegations in a Ministry By Theresa Lynn Sidebotham Cover Image
Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace: A Guide for Equity and Inclusion By Janice Gassam Asare, Layla F. Saad (Foreword by) Cover Image
The Inclusive Language Field Guide: 6 Simple Principles for Avoiding Painful Mistakes and Communicating Respectfully By Suzanne Wertheim, PhD Cover Image
I Respectfully Disagree: How to Have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World By Justin Jones-Fosu Cover Image
The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About It By Mary Ann Sieghart Cover Image
Racial Justice at Work: Practical Solutions for Systemic Change By Mary-Frances Winters, Kevin A. Carter, Megan Ellinghausen, Scott Ferry, Gabrielle Gayagoy Gonzalez, Dr. Terrence Harewood, Tami Jackson, Dr. Megan Larson, Leigh Morrison, Katelyn Peterson, Mareisha N. Reese, Thamara Subramanian, Rochelle Younan-Montgomery Cover Image
Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity By Kim Scott Cover Image
On Drowning Rats: How Two Women Took Down a Sexual Harasser and How You Can Too By Rachel Richardson, Cami Roth Szirotnyak Cover Image
Overcoming Ageism (HBR Women at Work Series) By Harvard Business Review, Amy Gallo, Dorie Clark Cover Image
The First-Time Manager: Dei: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion By Alida Miranda-Wolff Cover Image
How to Be a Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador: Everyone's Role in Helping All Feel Accepted, Engaged, and Valued By Celeste R. Warren Cover Image
Inclusion Revolution: The Essential Guide to Dismantling Racial Inequity in the Workplace By Daisy Auger-Dominguez Cover Image
Leadership Toolkit for Asians: The Definitive Resource Guide for Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling By Jane Hyun Cover Image
Meerbott's Fables By Kelly Meerbott Cover Image
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Daily Practices of Inclusive Leaders: A Guide to Building a Culture of Belonging By Eddie Pate, Jonathan Stutz Cover Image
A Black Man's Guide for Working in Corporate America By Ken Woods Cover Image
Opening The Corporate Closet: Transforming Biases to Gay Advancement in Corporate America By Kevin W. Jones Cover Image
The Other 364 Days: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - The Glass Half Full By Christiane Bisanzio, Aleksandar Damchevski Cover Image