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Healing the Military: Dealing with the Legacy of Conflict By Alexandra Roach Cover Image
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A Tale of Two Birds By Gordon B. Greer Cover Image
PILGRIMAGE to CRETE By W. E. Welbourne Cover Image
Bonaparte in Egypt By J. Christopher Herold Cover Image
In a French Hospital By M. Eydoux-Demians Cover Image
Les Suisses Au Service de la France 1715-1820 By André Jouineau (Illustrator), Jean Marie Mongin Cover Image
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Nizaam-I-Bhopal: Militaries of Bhopal State - A Historical Review By Milan Naidu Cover Image
The Quotable Warrior By Lamar Underwood Cover Image
Napoleon's Waterloo Campaign: An Alternate History Vol I By Steven Marthinsen Cover Image
Con2versial News Chronicle Nazi 9-11 Connection: C2news By II Sawyer, Thurston El Roy Cover Image
The Red Schwinn Bicycle: A Sentimental Journey By Barrie C. Bartulski Cover Image
The Hurricane Hunters And Lost in the Bermuda Triangle: Season of 1945 and Tragedy of Flight 19 By Tom Barnes Cover Image
England at War: The Story of the Great Campaigns of the British Army, Including a Historical Sketch of the Rise and Growth of a Milita By W. H. Davenport Adams Cover Image
The Defence of Richmond Against the Federal Army Under General McClellan. by a Prussian Officer in the Confederate Service. Translated from the Koelni By George Brinton Macclellan Cover Image
The Naval Temple: Containing a Complete History of the Battles Fought by the Navy of the United States from ... 1794 to the Present Time By Anonymous, H. Kimball Cover Image
Die Seeschlacht Bei Lissa Nach Den Berichten Udn Urtheilen Der Englischen Presse. [Edited by A. H.] By Arnold Hilberg Cover Image
The History of the Williamite and Jacobite Wars in Ireland; From Their Origin to the Capture of Athlone. [With Plates and Maps.] By Robert Cane Cover Image
History of Grant's Campaign for the Capture of Richmond, 1864-1865, with an Outline of the Previous Course of the American Civil War. By John Cannon Cover Image
History of the United States Marine Corps. from Official Reports and Other Documents, Compiled by Captain R. S. Collum. By M. Almy Aldrich, Richard S. Collum Cover Image
Victory Rests with the Lord: God in the Vietnam War By Lieutenant Colonel James Schmidt Cover Image
Dear Folks: A farm boy leaves home to fight in the Great War and falls in love with an English lass By Walt Hazelton Cover Image
Dear Folks: A farm boy leaves home to fight in the Great War and falls in love with an English lass By Walt Hazelton Cover Image
Army Life in a Black Regiment. By Thomas Wentworth Higginson Cover Image
The Clash of Civilizations By Allan Trawinski Cover Image