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Black AF History: The Un-Whitewashed Story of America By Michael Harriot Cover Image
Collision of Power: Trump, Bezos, and THE WASHINGTON POST By Martin Baron Cover Image
The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us about How and When This Crisis Will End By Neil Howe Cover Image
Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law By Leah Rothstein, Richard Rothstein Cover Image
The Trump Indictments: The 91 Criminal Counts Against the Former President of the United States By Ali Velshi, Ali Velshi (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Ali Velshi, Ali Velshi (Introduction by)
Standing My Ground: A Capitol Police Officer's Fight for Accountability and Good Trouble After January 6th By Harry Dunn Cover Image
The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy: and the Path to a Shared American Future By Robert P. Jones Cover Image
Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy from the Next Trump By Miles Taylor Cover Image
American Whitelash: A Changing Nation and the Cost of Progress By Wesley Lowery Cover Image
Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty By Patrick Radden Keefe Cover Image
The Identity Trap: A Story of Ideas and Power in Our Time By Yascha Mounk Cover Image
Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood By Maureen Ryan Cover Image
Myth America: Historians Take On the Biggest Legends and Lies About Our Past By Kevin M. Kruse, Julian E. Zelizer Cover Image
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Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty By Anderson Cooper, Katherine Howe Cover Image
Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court's Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences By Joan Biskupic Cover Image
Black Ball: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Spencer Haywood, and the Generation that Saved the Soul of the NBA By Theresa Runstedtler Cover Image
How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement By Fredrik deBoer Cover Image
The January 6 Report By The January 6th Committee, Ari Melber (Introduction by) Cover Image
By The January 6th Committee, Ari Melber (Introduction by)
Down the Hill: My Descent into the Double Murder in Delphi By Susan Hendricks Cover Image
Gray Areas: How the Way We Work Perpetuates Racism and What We Can Do to Fix It By Adia Harvey Wingfield Cover Image
Why Empires Fall: Rome, America, and the Future of the West By Peter Heather, John Rapley Cover Image
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A Promised Land By Barack Obama Cover Image
The Riders Come Out at Night: Brutality, Corruption, and Cover-up in Oakland By Ali Winston, Darwin BondGraham Cover Image
America's New Map: Restoring Our Global Leadership in an Era of Climate Change and Demographic Collapse By Thomas P.M. Barnett Cover Image