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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind By Yuval Noah Harari Cover Image
The Earth Transformed: An Untold History By Peter Frankopan Cover Image
Pathogenesis: A History of the World in Eight Plagues By Jonathan Kennedy Cover Image
The World: A Family History of Humanity By Simon Sebag Montefiore Cover Image
Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings By Neil Price Cover Image
A Little History of the World (Little Histories) By E. H. Gombrich, Clifford Harper (Illustrator) Cover Image
Woman, Captain, Rebel: The Extraordinary True Story of a Daring Icelandic Sea Captain By Margaret Willson Cover Image
Romaine Wasn't Built in a Day: The Delightful History of Food Language By Judith Tschann Cover Image
A Short History of Nearly Everything By Bill Bryson Cover Image
Culture: The Story of Us, From Cave Art to K-Pop By Martin Puchner Cover Image
The Things We Make: The Unknown History of Invention from Cathedrals to Soda Cans By Bill Hammack Cover Image
Germany in the World: A Global History, 1500-2000 By David Blackbourn Cover Image
A Little History of Music (Little Histories) By Robert Philip Cover Image
The West: A New History in Fourteen Lives By Naoíse Mac Sweeney Cover Image
Lapidarium: The Secret Lives of Stones By Hettie Judah Cover Image
Against the World: Anti-Globalism and Mass Politics Between the World Wars By Tara Zahra Cover Image
The Art of Colour: The History of Art in 39 Pigments By Kelly Grovier Cover Image
Rainbow History Class: Your Guide Through Queer and Trans History By Hannah McElhinney Cover Image
The Viking Heart: How Scandinavians Conquered the World By Arthur Herman Cover Image
Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees By Jared Farmer Cover Image
History of the World Map by Map (DK History Map by Map) By DK Cover Image
Egg: A Dozen Ovatures By Lizzie Stark Cover Image
Agave Spirits: The Past, Present, and Future of Mezcals By Gary Paul Nabhan, Ph.D., David Suro Piñera Cover Image
Great Kingdoms of Africa By John Parker Cover Image