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The Founding of Salem: City of Peace (Brief History) By Benjamin W. Shallop Cover Image
The Devil's Anarchy: The Sea Robberies of the Most Famous Pirate Claes G. Compaen & the Very Remarkable Travels of Jan Erasmus Reyning, Buc By Stephen Snelders Cover Image
A History of the County Dublin: The People, Parishes and Antiquities From the Earliest Times to the Close of the Eighteenth Century (Part first) By Francis Elrington Ball Cover Image
Death and a Maiden: Infanticide and the Tragical History of Grethe Schmidt By William David Myers Cover Image
Cromwell's War Machine: The New Model Army, 1645-1660 By Keith Roberts Cover Image
Gustavus Adolphus, Sweden and the Thirty Years War, 1630-1632 By Lars Ericson Wolke Cover Image
William of Orange and the Fight for the Crown of England: The Glorious Revolution By Brian Best Cover Image
The History of the Green Howards: Three Hundred Years of Service By Geoffrey Powell, John S. W. Powell Cover Image
Sister Maria Celeste's: Letters to Her Father, Galileo By Rinaldina Russell (Editor) Cover Image
The Lion from the North: Volume 2, the Swedish Army During the Thirty Years War 1632-48 (Century of the Soldier) By Michael Fredholm Von Essen Cover Image
The Art of Decisiveness: The Art of Decisive Leadership By Sheunesu E. Kasiamhuru Cover Image
Charles X's Wars: Volume 2 - The Wars in the East, 1655-1657 (Century of the Soldier) By Michael Fredholm Von Essen Cover Image
Science of Arms: The Art of War in the Century of the Soldier 1672 - 1699: Volume 1 - Preparation for War and the Infantry By Stephen M. Carter Cover Image
The Shogun's Soldiers: Volume 2 - The Daily Life of Samurai and Soldiers in EDO Period Japan, 1603-1721 (Century of the Soldier) By Michael Fredholm Von Essen Cover Image
International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great: A Guide to the Historical Literature By William Young Cover Image
The Advancement of Learning (Modern Library Science) By Francis Bacon, Stephen Jay Gould (Series edited by) Cover Image
The Pikeman’s Lament: Pike and Shot Wargaming Rules (Osprey Wargames #19) By Daniel Mersey, Michael Leck, Mark Stacey (Illustrator) Cover Image
The Worlds of the Seventeenth-Century Hudson Valley By Jaap Jacobs (Editor), L. H. Roper (Editor) Cover Image
By Jaap Jacobs (Editor), L. H. Roper (Editor)
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The Bravest Battell: Cheriton 1644 and the End of the Royalist Winter Campaign in Hampshire (Century of the Soldier) By Serena Jones Cover Image
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Cavalier and King of Man: James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby (Century of the Soldier) By John Callow Cover Image
Braudel Revisited: The Mediterranean World 1600-1800 (UCLA Clark Memorial Library) By Gabriel Piterberg, Teofilo F. Ruiz, Geoffrey Symcox Cover Image
Nya Sverige i Nordamerika By Leif Lundquist (Editor) Cover Image
By Leif Lundquist (Editor)
Armies of the War of the Grand Alliance 1688–97 (Men-at-Arms) By Gabriele Esposito, Giuseppe Rava (Illustrator) Cover Image
Redcoat: The British Soldier in the Age of Horse and Musket By Richard Holmes Cover Image