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Collateral Damage: The Mysterious Deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen, and the Ties that Bind Them to Robert Kennedy and the JFK Assassination By Mark Shaw Cover Image
Nadia Comaneci and the Secret Police: A Cold War Escape By Stejarel Olaru, Alistair Ian Blyth (Translator) Cover Image
Dust Bowl Girls: The Inspiring Story of the Team That Barnstormed Its Way to Basketball Glory By Lydia Reeder Cover Image
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Lockheed Sr-71 Blackbird By Bob Archer Cover Image
The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany 1944-45 By Stephen E. Ambrose Cover Image
Hell In A Very Small Place: The Siege Of Dien Bien Phu By Bernard Fall Cover Image
Soong Dynasty By Sterling Seagrave Cover Image
The Korean War: A History (Modern Library Chronicles #33) By Bruce Cumings Cover Image
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What the Thunder Said: How the Waste Land Made Poetry Modern By Jed Rasula Cover Image
Citizen Soldiers: The U S Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany By Stephen E. Ambrose Cover Image
Osman's Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire By Caroline Finkel Cover Image
The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes By Zachary D. Carter Cover Image
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Struggle and Mutual Aid: The Age of Worker Solidarity By Nicolas Delalande, Anthony Roberts (Translated by) Cover Image
The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials: A Personal Memoir By Telford Taylor Cover Image
A Continent Erupts: Decolonization, Civil War, and Massacre in Postwar Asia, 1945-1955 By Ronald H. Spector Cover Image
Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius By Ray Monk Cover Image
The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914; Barbara W. Tuchman's Great War Series By Barbara W. Tuchman Cover Image
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights By United Nations, Michel Streich (Illustrator) Cover Image
The Presidents Club: Inside the World's Most Exclusive Fraternity By Nancy Gibbs, Michael Duffy Cover Image
Ten days that Shook the World By John Reed, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Introduction by), A. J. P. Taylor (Introduction by) Cover Image
By John Reed, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Introduction by), A. J. P. Taylor (Introduction by)
Travelers in the Third Reich By Julia Boyd Cover Image
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Ultimate Allied Fighters of the Second World War By Justo Miranda Cover Image
Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media By Joel E. Dimsdale Cover Image
The Fourth Man: The Hunt for a KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA and the Rise of Putin's Russia By Robert Baer Cover Image