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Questions for Deep Thinkers: 200+ of the Most Challenging Questions You (Probably) Never Thought to Ask Cover Image
A Servicemen's Guide to Being Civvylized Cover Image
I Beat Ugly Children Senseless: and Other Ballads of Daring; Beauty, Truth, Love and Promise Cover Image
All My Funny Ones: A Collection of Short Stories Cover Image
ZEN AND THE ART OF BRAZILIAN STICKY & Other Roofing Tales Cover Image
Holy Crap! It's Zombies!: A Zombie Bathroom Reader Cover Image
Big Bullies Cover Image
While You Were Pooping Cover Image
Lexicon: American Style 2: Exercising Our English Language, Our 'Flexicon' Cover Image
Tommy's Mommy's a Crack Whore Cover Image
Oh Shit! I'm Over 50 and Single: A Guide for Mature Men and the Women They Date Cover Image
Private Sessions: and the Sweaty Sexy Stories Behind the Sprawling Walls of the Worlds Most Luxurious Gym. Cover Image
100 Cryptogram Puzzles: Harsh Insults and Irreverent Humor Cover Image
My Uncle Jack's Off Cover Image
By Bo Nehr, J. Bean (Illustrator)
Stay The Fuck Still: A Nappy Changing Tail Cover Image
Sorcerers of the Silver City Cover Image
I Fell Off My Bike and Lost My Mind Cover Image
Eat Your Fucking Dinner: (A meal time tale) Cover Image
You Want to Put It Where? Cover Image
Being Happy (Co-edikit #2) Cover Image
A Co-edikit Book on Diet and Exercise Cover Image
Los mejores chistes incorrectos  Cover Image
Couple of Laughs Cover Image
Blood Cemetery: Blood's Curse Cover Image