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The Dadly Virtues: Adventures from the Worst Job You'll Ever Love Cover Image
By Jonathan V. Last (Editor), David Burge (Contributions by), Christopher Caldwell (Contributions by), Andrew Ferguson (Contributions by), Jonah Goldberg (Contributions by), Michael Graham (Contributions by), Matt Labash (Contributions by), James Lileks (Contributions by), Rob Long (Contributions by), Larry Miller (Contributions by), P. J. O'Rourke (Contributions by), Joe Queenan (Contributions by), Toby Young (Contributions by), Stephen F. Hayes (Contributions by), Joseph Epstein (Contributions by), Matthew Continetti (Contributions by), Tucker Carlson (Contributions by)
A Book of Instructions for Living With A Modern Woman in the USA Cover Image
Panic Early, Panic Often: More True Stories from Two Moms in Their Quest to Survive Motherhood Cover Image
The Black Walnut Farm: A Book Of Short Stories Cover Image
The Womanual: A non-owner's guide to repairing and maintaining a working relationship Cover Image
Still Innocent Abroad: Further Misadventures of an Exchange Teacher in Montana Cover Image
Crazy, With a Side of Happy: Stories of a Housewife's Funny Fails Cover Image
Latoya's Life: Uncut Mishaps of a Youtube Star Cover Image
The Granny Monologue: : Aging ain't the same as dead! Cover Image
Dust from the Attic Cover Image
I AM BRIDE: How to Take the WE Out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice) Cover Image
A Ranger's Private Diary: The Politically Incorrect Story Of Life At Home And Work Cover Image
Nine Lives Cover Image
Dance Me Younger: A Frothy Romp Through Human Weakness Cover Image
From Ace to Zowie: The Ultimate Guide to Hip Baby Names Cover Image
How to be a Great Mom: That's What She Said Cover Image
This Country Life: Old Houses Cover Image
Life Goes on: Here's How I See It Cover Image
Hurrah for Gin: A book for perfectly imperfect parents Cover Image
Daddy Drinks: Six Dads Trying to Get It Right—While Getting It Hilariously Wrong Cover Image
Cowboys - You Gotta Love 'Em Cover Image
Yes Dear: Man's Definitive Guide to the Understanding of What We Know about the Women We Love Cover Image
How To Catch & Raise A Husband: A Practical Guide for Finding a Man and Making Him Behave Cover Image
Laughing Through Life At Fart Height Cover Image