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Once Upon a Dime: A Math Adventure (Charlesbridge Math Adventures) By Nancy Kelly Allen, Adam Doyle (Illustrator) Cover Image
Three Lil' Pigs - Learn About Money By Justin C. Hart Cover Image
Prices! Prices! Prices!: Why They Go Up and Down By David A. Adler, Edward Miller (Illustrator) Cover Image
Sluggers' Car Wash (MathStart 3) By Stuart J. Murphy, Barney Saltzberg (Illustrator) Cover Image
Spending Money By Ben Hubbard, Beatriz Castro (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ben Hubbard, Beatriz Castro (Illustrator)
Growing the Money Tree for Kids: A Fun Guide to Investing for Ages 8-12 By Alpesh Parmar, Keya Parmar, Tvisha Parmar Cover Image
What Do I Want? What Do I Need? (Money Sense: An Introduction to Financial Literacy) By Rachel Eagen Cover Image
Needs and Wants By Marne Ventura Cover Image
Money Matters: Counting Coins: Financial Literacy (Mathematics in the Real World) By Michelle Jovin Cover Image
Money Sense for Kids! By Hollis Page Harman Cover Image
Meeting Needs in Our Community By Rachel Eagen Cover Image
Trade in Our Global Community By Rachel Eagen Cover Image
Spending and Saving Money (Our Values - Level 2) By Steffi Cavell-Clarke Cover Image
You Can Use Money Wisely: Spend or Save? (Making Good Choices) By Connie Colwell Miller, Victoria Assanelli (Illustrator) Cover Image
The Go-Around Dollar By Barbara Johnston Adams, Joyce Audy Zarins (Illustrator) Cover Image
Dollars & Sense: A Kid's Guide to Using--Not Losing--Money By Elaine Scott, David Clark (Illustrator) Cover Image
Smart Spending: The Teens' Guide to Cash, Credit, and Life's Costs (Financial Literacy for Teens) By Kara McGuire Cover Image
Money for Your Life: Invest in Your Financial Future (Financial Literacy for Life) By Diane Dakers Cover Image
What Can You Buy at the Mall? By Michele Tracey Cover Image
From Field to Plate (Source to Resource) By Michael Bright Cover Image
My Bed and Other Home Furniture (Well Made) By Helen Greathead Cover Image
Money (Let's Do Math!) By Sara Pistoia, Piper Whelan (With) Cover Image
Save Money By Mary Reina Cover Image
Payday! (21st Century Skills Library: Real World Math) By Kathryn Beaton Cover Image