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Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory: The Theoretical Minimum By Leonard Susskind, Art Friedman Cover Image
Mathematics for Quantum Mechanics: An Introductory Survey of Operators, Eigenvalues, and Linear Vector Spaces (Dover Books on Mathematics) By John David Jackson Cover Image
Vector and Tensor Analysis (Dover Books on Mathematics) By George E. Hay Cover Image
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Vector: A Surprising Story of Space, Time, and Mathematical Transformation By Robyn Arianrhod Cover Image
Vector Analysis and an Introduction to Tensor Analysis By Murray R. Spiegel, Seymour Lipschutz Cover Image
A History of Vector Analysis: The Evolution of the Idea of a Vectorial System (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Michael J. Crowe, Mathematics Cover Image
About Vectors (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Banesh Hoffmann, Mathematics Cover Image
Tensor Calculus: A Concise Course (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Barry Spain, Mathematics Cover Image
Tensor Analysis on Manifolds (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Richard L. Bishop, Samuel I. Goldberg Cover Image
Cartesian Tensors: An Introduction (Dover Books on Mathematics) By G. Temple Cover Image
Schaum's Outline of Tensor Calculus (Schaum's Outlines) By David C. Kay, Kay David Cover Image
Tensor Analysis for Physicists, Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics) By Jan Arnoldus Schouten, J. A. Schouten, Physics Cover Image
Vector Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Peter Baxandall, Hans Liebeck Cover Image
Multivariable and Vector Calculus: An Introduction By Sarhan M. Musa Cover Image
The Absolute Differential Calculus (Calculus of Tensors) (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Tullio Levi-Civita, Enrico Persico (Editor), Marjorie Long (Translator) Cover Image
Elements of Tensor Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics) By A. Lichnerowicz, J. W. Leech (Translator), D. J. Newman (Translator) Cover Image
By A. Lichnerowicz, J. W. Leech (Translator), D. J. Newman (Translator)
Tensor Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics) By J. L. Synge, A. Schild Cover Image
Vector Methods Applied to Differential Geometry, Mechanics, and Potential Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics) By D. E. Rutherford Cover Image
Multivariable and Vector Calculus (de Gruyter Textbook) By Joseph D. Fehribach Cover Image
Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles (Dover Books on Mathematics) By David Lovelock, Hanno Rund Cover Image
Advanced Calculus: Differential Calculus and Stokes' Theorem (de Gruyter Textbook) By Pietro-Luciano Buono Cover Image
Introduction to Hilbert Space and the Theory of Spectral Multiplicity: Second Edition (Dover Books on Mathematics) By Paul R. Halmos Cover Image
Vector Analysis from Scratch: Math Beyond Numbers By Romuald Fisher Cover Image
Splines and Variational Methods (Dover Books on Mathematics) By P. M. Prenter, Mathematics Cover Image