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Against the Wind: Edward Kennedy and the Rise of Conservatism, 1976-2009 By Neal Gabler Cover Image
On the House: A Washington Memoir By John Boehner Cover Image
The Trump Indictments: The 91 Criminal Counts Against the Former President of the United States By Ali Velshi, Ali Velshi (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Ali Velshi, Ali Velshi (Introduction by)
Profiles in Courage By John F. Kennedy Cover Image
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Decade of Disunion: How Massachusetts and South Carolina Led the Way to Civil War, 1849-1861 By Robert W. Merry Cover Image
The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution By Eric Foner Cover Image
Profiles in Courage By John F. Kennedy Cover Image
Filibustered!: How to Fix the Broken Senate and Save America By Jeff Merkley, Mike Zamore Cover Image
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Fools on the Hill: The Hooligans, Saboteurs, Conspiracy Theorists, and Dunces Who Burned Down the House By Dana Milbank Cover Image
If Confirmed: An Insider's View of the National Security Confirmation Process By Arnold L. Punaro Cover Image
Quarrels That Have Shaped the Constitution: Revised and Expanded Edition By John A. Garraty Cover Image
Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America By Jared Cohen Cover Image
The Return: Trump's Big 2024 Comeback By Dick Morris Cover Image
Progressive Capitalism: How to Make Tech Work for All of Us By Ro Khanna, Amartya Sen (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Ro Khanna, Amartya Sen (Foreword by)
H.L. Hunt: Motive & Opportunity By John Curington, Mitchel Whitington Cover Image
The Case for Impeachment By Allan J. Lichtman Cover Image
The Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America By Ira Shapiro Cover Image
The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War By Joanne B. Freeman Cover Image
Painless American Government, Second Edition (Barron's Painless) By Jeffrey Strausser Cover Image
Courage in The People's House: Nine Trailblazing Representatives Who Shaped America By Joe Neguse Cover Image
Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition By Daniel Okrent Cover Image
Insiders Talk: How to Get and Keep Your First Lobbying Job: Preparation, Potential Employers, and First-Day Performance By Robert L. Guyer Cover Image
THE JANUARY 6 REPORT: Findings from the Select Committee to Investigate the Attack on the U.S. Capitol with Reporting, Analysis and Visuals by The New York Times By The January 6 Select Committee, The New York Times Cover Image
Weapons of Mass Delusion: When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind By Robert Draper Cover Image