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Rapid Ethnographies Cover Image
Just Research in Contentious Times: Widening the Methodological Imagination Cover Image
No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women Cover Image
Is That True?: Critical Thinking for Sociologists Cover Image
Single Case Research Methodology: Applications in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences Cover Image
Food Culture: Anthropology, Linguistics and Food Studies (Research Methods for Anthropological Studies of Food and Nut #2) Cover Image
By Janet Chrzan (Editor), John Brett (Editor)
Focus Groups: Culturally Responsive Approaches for Qualitative Inquiry and Program Evaluation Cover Image
Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data Cover Image
The Action Research Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty Cover Image
Surviving Your Dissertation: A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process Cover Image
The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project Cover Image
Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research Cover Image
Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook Cover Image
Survey Research Handbook (Paperback) Cover Image
Blue Marble Evaluation: Premises and Principles Cover Image
Reflexive Methodology: New Vistas for Qualitative Research Cover Image
Bundle: McDavid: Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement 2e + Knowlton: The Logic Model Guidebook 2e Cover Image
Narrative Methods for the Human Sciences Cover Image
Applied Regression: An Introduction (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences #22) Cover Image
The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research Cover Image
Basics of Qualitative Research: Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory Cover Image
Survey Methodology (Wiley Series in Survey Methodology #561) Cover Image
Essentials of Critical-Constructivist Grounded Theory Research Cover Image
Research Methods: The Basics: 2nd edition Cover Image