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Islam in India and Pakistan: A Religious History Cover Image
Women Judges in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study of Discourse and Practice (Women and Gender: The Middle East and the Islamic World #15) Cover Image
By Nadia Sonneveld (Volume Editor), Monika Lindbekk (Volume Editor)
Lu Xun Xiao Shuo Ji Vocabulary: Selected Short Stories of Lu Xun Cover Image
By D. C. Lau (Editor)
Ibn 'Arabi: The Voyage of No Return (Muslim Personalities Series) Cover Image
The Mind of the Islamic State: ISIS and the Ideology of the Caliphate Cover Image
State and Society in Iraq: Citizenship Under Occupation, Dictatorship and Democratisation (Library of Modern Middle East Studies) Cover Image
By Benjamin Isakhan (Editor), Shamiran Mako (Editor), Fadi Dawood (Editor)
The Symbolic Scenarios of Islamism: A Study in Islamic Political Thought (Contemporary Thought in the Islamic World) Cover Image
Sufism, Pluralism and Democracy Cover Image
By Sarwar Alam (Editor), Clinton Bennett (Editor)
Unveiling Sufism: From Manhattan to Mecca Cover Image
Islam, Standards, and Technoscience: In Global Halal Zones (Routledge Studies in Anthropology #28) Cover Image
Modernity, Civilization and the Return to History (Vernon Series in Philosophy) Cover Image
Corporate Islam: Sharia and the Modern Workplace Cover Image
Explaining Islamist Insurgencies: The Case of Al-Jamaah Al-Islamiyyah and the Radicalisation of the Poso Conflict, 2000-2007 (Insurgency and Terrorism #3) Cover Image
Some Far and Distant Place Cover Image
CSIOF Bulletin 2015/16 Issue No. 8/9: Centre for the Study of Islam & Other Faiths. Melbourne School of Theology. An affiliated college of the Austral Cover Image
By Peter Riddell (Contribution by), Richard Shumack (Contribution by), Ruth Nicholls (Editor)
Jihadi Culture Cover Image
By Thomas Hegghammer (Editor)
Dilemmas of Inclusion: Muslims in European Politics Cover Image
Dilemmas of Inclusion: Muslims in European Politics Cover Image
European Muslims and New Media (Current Issues in Islam) Cover Image
Sufis, Salafis and Islamists: The Contested Ground of British Islamic Activism (Library of Modern Religion) Cover Image
Selected Studies in Modern Arabic Narrative: History, Genre, Translation (Resources in Arabic and Islamic Studies #8) Cover Image
Iran and the West: Cultural Perceptions from the Sasanian Empire to the Islamic Republic (International Library of Iranian Studies) Cover Image
By Margaux Whiskin (Editor), David Bagot (Editor)
Islam in the Baltic: Europe's Early Muslim Community (International Library of Historical Studies) Cover Image
Sacred Spaces and Transnational Networks in American Sufism: Bawa Muhaiyaddeen and Contemporary Shrine Cultures (Islam of the Global West) Cover Image