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Word Spotting in Offline Handwritten Documents By Thontadari C Cover Image
Efficient Clustering Methods for Image Segmentation By Himanshu Mittal Cover Image
Human Recognition using Palmprint By Pawan Dubey Cover Image
Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal injuries using thermography By Viney Cover Image
Automated Alert System for Drowsiness Detection Using Image Mining Techniques By Stephen Raj S Cover Image
Sprouted Onion Characterization, Functionality and Utilization By Ishrat Majid Cover Image
Pattern Recognition By Konstantinos Koutroumbas, Sergios Theodoridis Cover Image
Microscope Image Processing By Qiang Wu (Editor), Fatima Merchant (Editor), Kenneth Castleman (Editor) Cover Image
By Qiang Wu (Editor), Fatima Merchant (Editor), Kenneth Castleman (Editor)
Remote Sensing: Models and Methods for Image Processing By Robert A. Schowengerdt Cover Image
Studies on Radioprotective Principles of Tragia Involucrata By Nivya M. T. Cover Image
Imaging Sensors and Technologies By Gonzalo Pajares Martinsanz (Guest Editor) Cover Image
Optical Networking Crash Course (McGraw-Hill Telecommunications) By Steven Shepard Cover Image
How to Do Everything with Your Scanner By Dave Huss (Conductor) Cover Image
By Dave Huss (Conductor)
Lenticular Imaging: Theory and Practice By Yitzhak Weissman Cover Image
Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors By Stephen G. Porter Cover Image
Keras to Kubernetes: The Journey of a Machine Learning Model to Production By Dattaraj Rao Cover Image
Fiber Optic Installation and Testing (400) By Cbi Cover Image
Intelligent System For Face Recognition Using Soft Computing By R. Vinodini Cover Image
Digital Giza: Visualizing the Pyramids (metaLABprojects #5) By Peter Der Manuelian Cover Image
Microcosmos: Discovering the World Through Microscopic Images from 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification By Brandon Broll Cover Image
Feature-Based Keyframe Extraction and Matching for Video Retrieval By Ajay Kumar Cover Image
Real Time Facial Recognition with Deep Learning By Hitaishi Verma Cover Image
Security-Enhanced Digital Image Watermarking for Copyright Protection By Chaturvedi Rekha Cover Image
30th Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop (Aipr 2001): Analysis and Understanding of Time Varying Imagery: Proceedings, 10-12 October 2001, Wa By Charles J. Cohen (Other) Cover Image