Dog Lover Bundle

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Best friends with a dog mom? Look no further!

We all know a Dog Mom- and we all know the perfect present for them is one that includes a gift for their beloved fur baby. They’ll find a lot of truth is this adorable book!

You know you’re a Dog Mom spell out the word walk so as to not overexcite your pet. You know that an ice-cream cone is never just for one. You plan your pup’s Halloween costume months in advance. Here is a joyful little book that just gets it, filled with charming illustrations that celebrate the unique bond between woman and dog.

Even better, this bundle comes with a Tall Tails Leather Bone Dog Toy. This six inch long toy is made with vegetable tanned leather and reinforced layers of natural wool-felt. There's no glue, toxins, nor artificial substances in this bone shaped toy, and it's best for dogs up to 25lbs. 

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