Kids' Dinosaurs Bundle

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What kind of kid doesn't love dinosaurs?

A perfectly fun pair for any young dino enthusiast. A hilarious (but factual!) book is joined by a memory game that matches dinosaurs with their skeletons.

Award-winning author-illustrator Drew Sheneman brings budding paleontologists the truth about dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct: Real Facts About Dinosaurs! A long, long time ago, planet Earth was full of dinosaurs. Giant dinosaurs that ate plants, meat-eating dinosaurs that walked on two feet, dinosaurs with armored frills—all KINDS of dinosaurs.Until an asteroid appeared in the sky. A big one. A hot one. A moving-very-fast one. When it hit, most of the plants and animals on Earth went extinct. It was the end of the dinosaurs...or was it?

In Match these Bones, reunite the dinosaurs with their skeletons, learning about your favorite species and how they were discovered. Read fascinating facts from the included educational booklet as you play, from which dinosaurs had feathers (and how this shows they evolved from birds) to what those spikes on triceratops' skulls are really for. Everything we know about dinosaurs today comes from the discovery of bones and fossils. Dinosaurs are a perennial favorite with children so it's the perfect game to buy for dinosaur experts or future paleontologists!

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