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Little Kids' Woodland Critters Easter Bundle

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Share a spring-time story with adorable cuddly critters!

This bundle combines stories of our favorite woodland creatures with an extra cute finger puppet for special storytimes.

In Bunnies, see how rabbits have fluffy coats, and remarkable instincts, and adorable wiggly noses; it's no wonder the Easter Bunny is so popular! But how did it get to be such a big part of Easter? This information-packed but easy-to-read board book teaches toddlers and parents about rabbits and how they came to be a major tradition in Easter celebrations.

Animal Friends is a lift-the-flap, learn-to-count, animal adventure! How many cats are playing trumpets? How many bears are picking blueberries? How many mice are getting ready for a party? Learning to count is fun—and made even more so with interactive flaps and adorable animal friends! 

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals that will roll up into a ball for protection. The Folkmanis Mini Hedgehog Finger Puppet is a little ball of fun with soft plush "spines" so it is ok to cuddle.

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