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Modern Homesteading Bundle

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Give the gift of self-sustainability this holiday season

The perfect trio for anyone who has more time for hands-on hobbies at home these days, especially ones that provide such rewarding end results!

How to Raise A Plant: and Make It Love You Back is ideal for the novice 'plant parent', providing tips on how to choose plants, where to keep them in your home, and above all else how to care for them and keep them thriving. Indoor plant experts from the leading account @houseplantclub, Erin Harding and Morgan Doane, bring the trendy and timeless subject to life alongside their beautiful photographs of happy plants in the home.

How to Raise a Loaf and Fall In Love With Sourdough is a new accessible guide to bread baking by amateur baker Roly Allen.Want to learn to bake bread without over-complicated recipes and pages and pages on kneading technique? This new book makes the key techniques of traditional baking easy to understand, with step-by-step photo instructions and a simple overview of the magical processes that turn wild yeasts into a living baker's starter, and a bowl of flour into a glowing crusty loaf.

A vegetable garden is not an option for everyone, and so container growing has become desirable for people with little outside space. Many have discovered the love of growing houseplants and want to take their skills to another level; others are inspired by the idea of growing their own food organically and sustainably. How to Grow Your Dinner: Without Leaving the House covers all the essentials of growing a range of edible plants in pots, and meeting each crop's specific needs.

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