Tree Hugger Bundle

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When your loved ones love to be out in the woods, the best gift is taking the woods with them!

Cozy up with these socks as you take in life lessons from a variety of types of trees.

How to Be More Tree is a sweet and informative book brings together fifty-nine universal life lessons taken from the infinite wisdom of trees. As you learn about dozens of trees, from the Acai palm to the Yoshino cherry, you'll find that their means of survival are not so different from ours. The juniper tree proves that it's possible to flourish anywhere as long as we put down strong roots. A mountain hemlock finds strength basking in the sun while a black walnut's sturdiness comes from its thick, steely core. The hawthorn demonstrates resilience as it adapts to strong winds and storms by finding balance in its roots.

Outlands Trees Socks by Socksmith are the perfect gift for that socks lover in your life. These outdoor themed boot socks wick sweat, dispersing excess moisture away from the skin, and they have just the right amount of spandex for stretch. The nylon, polyester, and cotton blend fabric is also durable, so they won't fall apart while you're waltzing through the woods. 

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