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When it comes to client gifts, let's do the math. The usual go-to gifts like Belgium chocolates have a shelf life of two weeks, fresh fruit has two or three days tops, and wine? – either it's opened right away or gathering dust on some shelf and by the time it's uncorked, the receiver has no idea who sent it.

But books — books have a shelf life of, well, infinity. Books are notable and the giving of books shows great care and thought on your part. Our corporate clients who send books inevitably hear from their clients soon after the packages arrive to request another book for the following year!

We're happy to offer you: 

  • Customized programs designed to meet your needs and your budget.
  • Personalized selections based on your customers' or clients' interests. We can select one book or go through your list one by one and make suggestions. One fun type of gift to send is a hard-to-find, collectible, signed book, and we always have a great selection.
  • Gift packages - say one hardcover book with a journal or bookmark, or any one of the numerous gift items we offer.
  • Distinctive gift-wrapping and delivery — we'll even write the card for you!

 All you need to do is read the thank-you notes and enjoy your clients' appreciation — and continued business.

Call Chief Operating Officer Lori Fazio for an appointment at 203-245-3959 (or email Lori at We can have a meeting in the bookstore or Lori can come to your office.

Here are your next steps to make client gift-giving super easy:

  • Pull together your list.
  • Give Lori a call at 203-245-3959 to set up a personal appointment at our store or your office (or email Lori at
  • Sit back and relax. We'll do it all for you (except for taking your happy client phone calls — that's up to you)!