December 2014: Gifts for Your Clients and Customers



Dear Reader,


When it comes to client gifts, let's do the math. The usual go-to's like Belgium chocolates have a shelf life of two weeks, fresh fruit has two or three days tops, and wine?, either it's opened right away or gathering dust on some shelf and by the time it's uncorked, the receiver has no idea who sent it.


But books -- I bet you know where this is going. Books have a shelf life of, well, infinity. Books are notable and the giving of books shows great care and thought on your part. Our corporate clients who send books inevitably hear from their clients soon after the packages arrive to request another book for the following year!


Think about it. You know your clients. We know books. Together, we can put together a gift that will not only stand-out but be remembered long after that last drop of wine is sipped or a foil wrapper is tossed away.


We can pick one book for everybody or go through your list together one-by-one. We can even put together a gift package -- say one hardcover book with a journal or bookmark, or any one of the amazing gifts we have in the store.


Call us for an appointment at 203-245-3959 and ask for either me, Lori Fazio, our Store Manager, or Andrew Brennan, our Head Book Buyer. We can have a meeting in the bookstore or even come to your office. We gift wrap, ship and can write the card for you, so all you need to do is read the thank-you notes and enjoy your clients' appreciation -- and continued business. To make this easy, we have put together a list of some ideas.


For starters, we have hard-to-find, collectible signed editions:

  • 41 by George W. Bush
  • Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton
  • National Book Award finalist, Lila by Marilynne Robinson
  • Nora Webster by the incredible Colm Toibin.


And wait until you see the unique finds in our holiday catalog that Andrew spent months pulling together -- I've included some in my personal picks below:

  • Letters of Note: This impressive, oversized book is filled with an incredible collection of letters written by everyone from Albert Einstein to Elvis Presley. (I am in love with these endlessly fascinating letters.)
  • Lonely Planet: the World: That's right. The whole world in one guidebook as only Lonely Planet can bring us.
  • What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions: The title pretty much sums up this compelling, quirky book.
  • 101 Two Letter Words: What's better than silly and practical? Here you have clever wordplay, and illustrations by Roz Chast resulting in every two-letter word you'll ever need for Scrabble.
  • The Innovators: Written by Walter Isaacson, one of the best biographers we have today, (he wrote the Steve Jobs bio), this one reveals the story behind the originators of the Internet and computers.
  • The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead: Very fussy, very entertaining guide to telling it like it is -- told from the viewpoint of the older generation to those just starting out.
  • 13 Soldiers: One of my favorites -- John McCain's gripping history of Americans at war, told through the personal accounts of thirteen soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


So here are the next steps to take to make client gift-giving super easy:

  • Pull together your holiday list.
  • Give me, Lori or Andrew a call at 203-245-3959 to set up an appointment at our store or your office.
  • Sit back and relax. We'll address your cards, gift wrap your purchases and ship them, or hand-deliver them to your office, whichever you prefer. We'll do it all for you (except for taking your happy client phone calls -- that's up to you!)


See you in the store (or in your office),



Roxanne J. Coady