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Dog Lovers Bundle

dog lovers bundleWe're paws-itive you'll love our dog lovers bundle!

This quirky illustrated book celebrates the urge to pet every dog we see, no matter what obstacles stand in the way. A laugh-out-loud celebration of our favorite four-legged friends, Can I Pet Your Dog? features a series of increasingly improbable illustrations that nod to the universal experience of bending-over-backwards to give a good pup a well–earned belly rub. Whether it's covering yourself in bacon grease or pole-vaulting across traffic, these bizarre scenarios all share a common end goal: Must. Pet. That. Dog. The perfect book for any and all dog lovers, this book is a lighthearted ode to good boys and girls everywhere.

Make Your Own Dog Tug Toy – because dogs love presents, too! If you have a dog, you will know just how much they love to play. This is a great toy for them, but also for children as they get to make the toy for them! The kit comes with a ball and lots of brightly colored fleece pieces. By threading, platting and connecting all the pieces, you will have made a surprisingly strong and durable tug toy that the dogs in your world are going to love. Add other elements, make it perfect for your particular dog and go out and play. A great activity – easy to complete and really engaging for the dog and the owner.

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