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To the Lighthouse (Kobo eBook)

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Critically acclaimed as one of the most important books of the 20th century, “To the Lighthouse” is the modern and thought-provoking work by American author Virginia Woolf. Published in 1927 and inspired by the events of her own life and the stream-of-consciousness style of James Joyce and Marcel Proust, “To the Lighthouse” follows the Ramsey family as they visit their summer home in the Hebrides, on the Isle of Skye, over the course of a decade. The physical location and activities of the family members take a backseat to their internal thoughts and observations in this introspective and philosophical novel. The reader is given a peek inside the minds of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey and their children as they grapple with loss, disappointment, resentment, and the passage of time. While the summer home and its nearby isolated lighthouse change little over the years, the Ramseys are deeply affected by war, death, and loneliness. A fascinating novel that shows how deeply people live inside their own minds and emotions, “To the Lighthouse” explores the characters’ inner lives through seemingly small and mundane moments, as their perceptions of their everyday lives slowly reveal who they truly are. This edition includes a biographical afterword.