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The iPhone Photography Book (Kobo eBook)

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Learn to take great photos with your iPhone—the camera you always have with you!

This is it—the long-awaited book fully dedicated to iPhone photography by photographer and bestselling author Scott Kelby! In this book, Scott brings his award-winning approach of sharing his secrets and shooting advice just like he would with a friend if they were out shooting together. Each page covers a single technique, tool, or trick you can use to capture truly amazing pictures with your iPhone.

You’ll learn how to get great shots in low light, how to capture awesome portraits of people, how to nail your composition, and how to take jaw-dropping travel, food, and landscape photos. You’ll learn all about time lapse photography, long exposure, and panoramas. You’ll find out just what accessories you really need, and you’ll learn some cool post-processing tricks. And, of course, Scott covers the best tips and tricks for shooting with your iPhone, as well as the top 10 photo apps he uses that will make your images better and make shooting with your iPhone that much more fun.

Chapter 1: iPhone Camera Essentials
Chapter 2: How to Compose Like a Pro
Chapter 3: Photographing People
Chapter 4: Posing People
Chapter 5: Travel & Landscape Photography
Chapter 6: Other Cool Stuff to Shoot
Chapter 7: iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Photo Library
Chapter 9: Editing Your Images
Chapter 10: Going Beyond the Photos App to Lightroom and More
Chapter 11: Awesome iPhone Accessories
Chapter 12: Photo Recipes

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781681986937
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Publication Date: February 5th, 2021