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The Tyrants of Syracuse Volume I (Kobo eBook)

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Volume one of this sweeping history chronicles the turbulent ancient history of Syracuse from the rise of Gelon to the death of Dionysius I.

Situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, Syracuse was one of the most important city-states of the classical Greek world. Coveted for its wealth and strategic location, it was caught in the middle as Carthage, Epirus, Athens and then Rome each battled to gain control of the region. The threat of expansionist enemies on all sides made for a tumultuous situation within the city, resulting in repeated coups and a series of remarkable tyrants, such as Gelon, Timoleon and Dionysius.

In volume one of The Tyrants of Syracuse, Jeff Champion traces the course of Syracuse's wars from the Battle of Himera against the Carthaginians down to the death of Dionysius I, whose reign proved to be the high tide of the city's power and influence. Within this period, Syracuse heroically defeated the Athenian force that besieged them for more than two years—an event with far-reaching ramifications.