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Elements Essential Book of… Bundle

essential elements bundleExplore the mystical arts of tarot, astrology, and palmistry

The Elements Essential series of spiritual development titles each focus on different aspects of healing and divination. Written by a variety of experts, these beautifully illustrated foil-stamped hardbacks are the perfect entryway into ancient spiritual practices.

The Essential Book of Tarot is a clear and accessible guide to the tarot, revealing the history of the cards and explaining how to use them. From a Relationship spread to the traditional Celtic Cross and a more modern Astrological spread, there are a number of ways to practice readings and learn to connect more fully with the cards. More detailed analysis is provided by the reader being shown how timing and reversed, or upside down, cards work.

Bestselling astrology writer Marion Williams introduces the 12 signs of the zodiac in this accessible full-color guide, presented in a beautiful gold-embossed hardcover. The Essential Book of Astrology will enable you to find out what your sun sign says about you, who you are most compatible with romantically, and how you can progress in life with insights from the heavens above you. Finally learn what Mercury retrograde means and why your moon sign is as important as your sun sign. This beautifully presented Wibalin-bound hardcover makes a wonderful gift for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the intriguing world of astrology.

Learn the mystical art of palm reading with one of the world's foremost palmistry experts in this invaluable introductory guide, presented in a beautiful Wibalin-bound hardback with gold foil stamping. From palm shapes, skin texture to finger lengths and minor and major lines, The Essential Book of Palmistry will be give you the tools to master the art of palm reading. Discover what your hands say about your personality and about the insights into your life path.

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