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Jan Brett, "The Snowy Nap"

Bestselling author Jan Brett and Hedgie the Hedgehog will join us for a special event! 

When winter comes, Hedgie tries to stay awake so he doesn't miss out on all the fun his friends are having.

Snow is on the way, and as Hedgie trundles around the farm all his friends tell him of the winter-time fun he will miss as he hibernates--Icicles decorating the chicken coop! Lisa making snowmen! The pond turned to slippery ice! It sounds so amazing, Hedgie decides to stay awake instead of going to his burrow. But then a snowstorm starts. Luckily, Lisa finds him and brings him inside so Hedgie gets to see the wonders of winter from inside the cozy house.

With over forty one million books in print, Jan Brett is one of the nation's foremost author illustrators of children's books.   Jan lives in a seacoast town in Massachusetts, close to where she grew up.  During the summer her family moves to a home in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.


$23.00 ticket includes (1) copy of The Snowy Nap and admittance for (1) person. ONE companion ticket may be added for an additional $2.00. LIMIT ONE companion ticket is offered per ticket.

Please call the store at (203) 245-3959 to purchase your ticket.

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 24, 2018 - 5:00pm
Event address: 
First Congregational Church
26 Meeting House Lane
Madison, CT 06443