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Local Author Event: Children's Authors!

Liza McMahon, The Octopus in Mrs. O’Hurley’s Classroom

This children’s book tells the story of Timothy. On his first day of first grade, he sees what he believes are a large number of animals around the school building. Eventually, he encounters the school nurse, who helps him solve the mystery. The book is appropriate for kindergarten through third grade.

Liza McMahon has been a registered nurse since 1987 and has spent 17 years as a school nurse. She is now a member of the faculty at the University of Hartford, a facilitator for Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops, a mediocre marathon waddler, a wannabe Appalachian Trail hiker and an explorer of life’s opportunities.


Jessica Simons, The Hugsmiler’s Hugs: A Story About Learning Values

A story helps kids learn important life lessons and, in a fun way, inspire them to be better people at home, at school, and in their communities. Join the Hugsmiler’s as they take children on a whimsical journey to do simple character building acts that improve their lives while helping others along the way.

Jessica Simons is a hugger at heart-always believing in the power of kindness and happiness. With a Masters Degree in Special Education from Fordham University and a B.A. in Communications and Studio Art from New Yok University, Jess is combining her teaching experience and passion for doing good into her first children’s book. Jess is married with two young children-her very own Hugsmiler’s-and resides in Westchester County, where she brings smiles to others.


Theresa Mackiewicz, Scribbles

Scribbles is a young girl who struggles in school. She would rather draw her favorite animal-frogs-all day. Mrs. Sunshine notices her struggle and guides her in her schoolwork so she can feel successful in both environments: school and drawing. Come along with Scribbles and watch how she conquers both!

A former special educator in many different environments, Theresa Mackiewicz was inspired to write for special education students to give them a voice. She wants to keep teaching in and out of the classroom. While traveling across America, she continues to touch the lives of the special education population. She is a mother of twin boys who writes in order to remain true to her first passion: guiding and teaching the special education population.


Sara Ann Hofferd, Alphabet Sketch: In and Around Your Home

Alphabet Sketch takes a child on an A to Z journey, from morning to night, while using their senses to identify the alphabet throughout their home. The book strengthens creativity and features the child as the illustrator!

Sara Hofferd wrote Alphabet Sketch to give her son something more than photobook pages for his first ABC book. Sara lives in Connecticut with her family.




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Event Date: 
Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 2:00pm EDT
Event address: 
RJ Julia Booksellers
768 Boston Post Road
Madison, CT 06443