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Local Author Night: Inspiration!

Alicia Yost, Onward: A Funny, Heartbreaking and Insightful Collection of Faith Lessons

Onward is comprised of twelve deeply personal stories told-vulnerably-by the author.

Readers who have read these faith stories come away feeling encouraged and like they’ve just spent time talking with a friend. Onward will make you laugh, cry, see your own faith journey reflected back at you and encourage you on your own journey.

Alicia Yost is a writer and language teacher. She’s contributed to many blogs and has written for online newspapers as well as America’s Next Top Mommy. Alicia has been featured in The Upper Room Daily Devotional, writes for the GoMobilize app and co-leads a women’s ministry. Alicia lives locally with her husband, three children and two dogs.



Heather A. Lagace, I Am in My Life for Keeps: A Course in Thriving

Thriving is not a matter of chance or circumstances; it is a result of being in your life for keeps! How can you live your best self regardless of the conditions of your life? Do you feel at the mercy of outside circumstances over which you have little or no control? Does your stress level go up and down depending on the choices other people make? Do you wish for something in your life that you feel is currently out of reach?

I Am in My Life for Keeps: A Course in Thriving is a wise guide to put YOU in the driver’s seat of your life. You will be guided one step at a time into ways of thinking and behaving so you will do more than survive-you will thrive.

Heather Lagace, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor has a career spanning twenty three years. She is a counselor, life coach and adjunct instructor at the University of Hartford. She not only uses experiences from research and professional training, but she relies on personal; experience as well. She has three grown children and has been married for over thirty years. She is in her life for keeps.


Meg Keeshan McGovern, We’re Good; The Power of Faith, Hope & Determination

We’re Good is an inspiring story about a well-rounded teenage athlete whose life changed in the blink of an eye.

Chris O’Brien innocently dove into the ocean, hit a sandbar and was instantly paralyzed. Going form a D1 athlete to a quadriplegic at eighteen years old is life changing. Chris was a swimmer, sailor and student in college going about his life before his accident. First time author, Meg Keeshan McGovern, has beautifully captured the pathos that accompanies a family tragedy and illustrates how it can become a triumph for all.

Through narrative and personal stories, she guides the reader through the various stages of grief, denial, anger, therapy and devotion that one family went through to emerge on the other side stronger and more full of promise than ever.

With twenty years of teaching experience, Meg Keeshan McGovern currently teaches middle school language arts. It’s no surprise that her favorite genre to teach is memoir, and she loves to write with her students, While We’re Good is her first non-fiction memoir to be published, she has other work in progress. She has two grown children, Bill and Peter. She lives in Connecticut with her husband Brian and yellow lab, Gia.


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Monday, June 10, 2019 - 7:00pm
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RJ Julia Booksellers
768 Boston Post Road
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