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Story Time and a Puppet Show with Henley Bell Johnson and Elle Muliarchyk Johnson, "What Underwear Does A Zebra Wear?"

Q: What is a Horse's favorite drink? 
A: Lemo- NEIGH-d!!! 

Q: What does Grass say to the nice gardener that waters it? 
A: Grassias! 

What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear? is the first ever book of jokes written by a kid for other kids. The jokes are very easy to understand -- even for the youngest kids who are just beginning to learn about humor and language.

Gorgeous, colorful illustrations capture children's' attention and help explain the meaning of the jokes further. There are 12 jokes, and each of them is a mini-story filled with adorable characters. It's a great bedtime book that is also a joke book!

Is there any sound in this world more exhilarating than the sound of your child’s laughter? Laughter comes so easily to them. A silly sound… dad stubbing his toe…boogers! But one day they will suddenly develop a more "sophisticated” sense of humor - their very own brand of jokes! 

That’s what happened to the parents of 2.5 year old Henley when she began creating her very own jokes…complete with clever puns, wordplay and an innocent irreverence. In the utterly delightful and hilarious What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear? Henley’s jokes are brought to life with elaborate and gorgeous illustrations. 

Bright and bold, fast and funny, What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear? is a treat to read with your child, with every page being full of surprises and discovered details that will draw your children in and keep their attention. It’s the kind of a book you both will want to read over and over again. 

And through all the fun, reading these jokes is also a way for your child to develop their expanding language skills through wordplay. The jokes are answer-question format, where the letters of the question contain the clues to the answer. (e.g. Slug - Sluggish, Toes - Toast etc)

And the characters, while being hilarious and adorable, are also very good “role models” - eating their broccoli, taking vitamins, flossing their teeth. Your child will learn that every moment in life can be approached with lightheartedness, fun, and laughter. And finally, maybe most important, jokes and laughter are a great way for kids to connect with each other, share their joy, and make lots of new friends!


Elle Muliarchyk's day job is a fashion photographer and video director. Even though her life is now full of glamour, she used to be a shy kid. Books were her everything. She had dreamed of becoming a scholar specializing in fairy tales and folklore from all over the world. When she was 6, Elle was invited to her first big party. She was nervous to go, she didn't know how to be popular with the kids. So she went to the book store and got all the joke books she could carry. She then learned the jokes by heart and practiced them with her family. She even learned adult jokes, so it was extra funny when she would tell "A guy walks into a bar"-type-of-jokes to her 2 year old brother! The birthday party was a huge success! She realized that humor was a gateway to making friends. Even now Elle's fashion photography is filled with humor, too. 

Almost 30 years later she had a daughter. Henley Belle. who was the funniest person she had ever met. Henley started coming up with her own jokes at age 2. The jokes were so funny that even adults loved them. Henley and Elle became stand up comedians performing their jokes at the local libraries, supermarkets, the Zoo and BBQ parties. The jokes brought so much happiness to the people they met that Elle decided to share the joy with as many people as possible. She collected and sketched Henley's most popular jokes and they made their first book What Underwear Does a Zebra Wear?.

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Event Date: 
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 10:30am EDT
Event address: 
RJ Julia Booksellers
768 Boston Post Road
Madison, CT 06443