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Easy, Comfy Pilates!

Pajama Pilates makes it easy to do pilates in your pajamas! Written by certified Pilates instructor Maria Mankin, the exercises include step-by-step instructions, notes on their physical benefits, and modification options. Readers will discover how to improve posture and core strength using a kitchen counter, stretch out their legs using the dining table, and tone their arms using the edge of the bathtub, plus so much more. Each exercise is paired with a colorful illustration of a pajama-clad person demonstrating the pose. Get fit without leaving the house!

Kikkerland Resistance Bands will help build strength and flexibility in chic style. The set of five resistance bands, in shades of pink and purple, range from extra-light to extra-heavy resistance. With a carrying pouch for convenient storage and an instruction booklet to guide your workouts, resistance has never been so easy

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