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Happy is a State of Mind Bundle

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Live your life the best way you know how: by being happy!

Wherever we are in the world, as humans we're all striving for happiness—a feeling of wellbeing and calm amidst the everyday struggles and chaos. What differs is how we pursue that happiness, and there are a range of philosophies on offer around the globe. From searching for ikigai (the 'meaning of life') in Japan or taking a fika coffee break in Sweden, to heading for the hills to clear the mind in Norway or appreciating the art of gezellig ('coziness') in the Netherlands, The Globetrotter's Guide to Happiness shows you how the world is a tapestry of happiness philosophies we can sample and learn from.

This Yoga Mug doesn't just help you with your morning workout routine, it also holds your coffee! The wide easy-grip handle feels comfortable in your fist, and the shaped rim feels comfortable against your lips and won't spill. 

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