July 2014: Eat, Read, Grow

Dear Reader,

We have the good fortune at R.J. Julia to welcome blockbuster authors and debut authors and I get equally excited about both. Next week is a perfect example - Hillary Clinton on Saturday, July 19, and our author luncheon this Tuesday. The luncheon is at Café Allegre with two of today's hottest young authors, Scott Cheshire and Emma Straub. I had the good fortune of meeting Scott at a writers conference earlier this year, and it's fun to see how much recognition he's been receiving with his debut novel,  High as the Horses' Bridles. His writing style is being compared to Aleksander Hemon, E.L. Doctorow and Don Delillo. One reviewer said, "High as the Horses' Bridles is a great new American epic... Cheshire tackles the biggest questions of all, God, love and death, and he does it with such style and raw psychological insight. Nothing less than Dostoyevskian." I think he got it right. I loved it!

I'm excited to personally invite you to lunch with Scott, and Emma Straub, author of  The Vacationers, another novel that's gotten rave reviews. Just think of Chef Silvio's food and the great conversation we'll have.  Call the store to reserve your seat and meet me at Café Allegre on July 15.

Speaking of the store, a customer once wrote to us saying a woman must own R.J. Julia because everything gets moved around so often. Hey, he's right. I am a woman, but the real motivation is our customer. Here's what we've noticed.  Young adult fiction is growing like crazy (yes, pun intended) and we're moving things around to expand the children's and YA department. In fact, it's taking over the entire second floor! I can't tell you how cool it is see these young readers talking excitedly about the latest releases with their friends and our booksellers and now they'll have their own dedicated space.  Join us for the Grand Re-opening of the Children's and YA departments on Tuesday, July 15 at 4:00pm. We'll have face-painting, balloon animals, popcorn, ice cream and a big surprise of the "Frozen" variety.  

I can't leave you without talking up books. I just finished Sebastian Barry's new book, The Temporary Gentleman. I love his Irish storytelling and his latest doesn't disappoint. Amy Bloom's new book, Lucky Us is fun, funny and charming with all of her normal, brilliant writing. And lastly, we gotta look good, right? And yet who wants to spend a fortune. We have the best way to solve this dilemma. Toss the Gloss is a go-to for anyone who wants gimmick-free tips and easy shortcuts to looking your best (one tip: ditch the powder blush, it'll only make you look older). Beauty industry insider Andrea Q. Robinson lays it all on the line. Did you know women over 50 spend over 4 trillion dollars on beauty goods and services? Think of all the books that could buy!  Though it's positioned for the over-50 crowd, I really think women of all ages need to read it. She says, "Don't try to reclaim youth. Reclaim yourself. You, only better." Sounds good to me.

See you in the store,

Roxanne J. Coady