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Literature Lover

For the Book Nerd In Your Life

You either know one or you are one!

Book nerds rule! And what better gift than a book that celebrates bookishness? You know you’re a Book Nerd when...

  • You have a minimum of 5 books on your night table.
  • You never once thought the movie was better.
  • Your favorite mug says “I’d rather be reading.”
  • You use words like librocubicularist in casual conversation (though no conversation about books is ever "casual”).
  • You wear a T-shirt that says — what else? — "Too many books, too little time."

Charming, affectionate, and unabashed in its celebration of book nerdiness, this little love letter is for every avid reader. Every page is packed with bright, playful, intricately detailed illustrations by Holly Maguire, and wonderful mottoes, definitions, relatable moments, and more.

Book Buds Pins features two enamel pins — a stack of books and a pair of eyeglasses — this set celebrates the love of reading and all things literary. For bibliophiles and book friends of all ages!

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