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Loving Dad Bundle

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Let Your Dad Relax This Father's Day

This bundle combines one of our favorite Father's Day books with a backscratcher, perfect for every dad-themed occaison!

From new dads to those who’ve been around the block, dads who go to work to those who are at home, and all the dads in between, You're Dad is a touching tribute to fathers everywhere. With humor, heart, and adorable drawings, Liz Climo celebrates fatherhood in all its shapes and sizes (and species). Featuring different types of dads and the paths they can travel, Climo’s whimsical animal illustrations take us through the adventures of fatherhood, commemorating the laughter and the tears as well as the stumbles and the triumphs.

This Backscratcher scratches every itch! Don't believe us? Try it out!

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