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Math is Fun! Bundle

Math is Fun bundleThis is your sine to fall in love with math again.

Why is it better to buy a lottery ticket on a Friday? Why are showers always too hot or too cold? And which classic puzzle was destroyed by Allied bombing in the war?

Why Do Buses Come in Threes? is for anyone who wants to remind themselves--or discover for the first time--that math is relevant to almost everything we do. Dating, cooking, traveling by car, gambling, and life-saving techniques all have links with intriguing mathematical problems that are explained here. This book will change the reader's perception of the world around them.

A party in a box! Based on Ben Orlin's Math Games with Bad Drawings, this all-in-one game kit contains 34 simple, challenging, meaningful math games to be played anytime, anywhere. Math Games with Bad Drawings: The Ultimate Game Collection is a treasure trove of fun that will appeal to the idly curious, the puzzle-passionate, students, teachers, and everyone else from ages 10 to 110. Inside this box you'll find 34 diverting and thought-provoking games that can be played using just the provided materials. It's the ultimate grab-and-go collection.

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