Newsletter 11.30.17: Introducing Our Holiday Selections...

 Adult Book News and Staff Recommendations

There's nothing worse than a naked coffee table (at least us booklovers think so), and fortunately more coffee table books have been released this year than any other in recent memory - including former White House photographer Pete Souza’s book Obama: An Intimate Portrait.
Below, you’ll find additional large format books perfect for your coffee table, all from our holiday catalog. Whether your interest is movies, animals, graphic novels, or The New York Times, these art books are sure to be revisited for years to come. 

If star power is what you’re looking for, we have a limited quantity of Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005 to 2016, signed by the great artist herself! 

- Andrew, Adult Book Buyer

by Tim Flach and Jonathan Baillie

Renowned photographer Tim Flach does an incredible job of capturing the ephemeral beauty of our planet’s most precious species. Flach’s breathtaking photographs should strike a chord with readers and inspire them to make changes in their own day-to-day lives. Our future depends on it. Read the rest of Dylan's review.


Monograph by Chris Ware 
Chris Ware has created his own artistic category, joining people like Miles Davis, David Bowie, and Andy Warhol as one who has taken an art form beyond its own preconceived borders. With this monograph of his work spanning decades, Ware shows us how he quickly outgrew the cartoonist label to become one of the most lauded graphic artists and pointed social critics of the modern age. An amazing book to be savored by even the most casual art lover. - Andrew


Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005 – 2016
Signed copies available while supplies last!
Few modern photographers have a portfolio and client repertoire as vast as Annie Leibovitz. Few also have as distinct a style of portraiture- painterly, timeless, recognizable instantly when glanced on the cover of a glossy magazine. This collection of those portraits is at home on the shelf of the art critic, the movie buff, the music enthusiast, the fashion obsessed, and the casual celeb-stalker alike. - Emily


Blitt by Barry Blitt Blitt
This book is perfect not only for fans of the iconic New York Times comic Barry Blitt, but admirers of brilliant illustrations! I first heard of Barry Blitt while studying Graphic Design. I was drawn in by his unique type found throughout all of his comics and immediately fell in love with the witty content he created. Blitt is the ultimate collection of his comics and even includes personal notations throughout, making it more personal. Anyone who loves art and appreciates a good sense of political humor will love this book! - Kelly


Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies 
by Andrew Degraff and A.D. Jameson

Just how big are the worlds we enter when we watch a movie? Cinemaps aims to show you, with exquisitely illustrated maps showing the locations in each film and the paths characters took. Side bars add trivia and commentary on specific locations, and each map is paired with an essay giving you a brief overview. From Star Warsto Pulp Fiction, no film geography is too small or big; a gorgeous book for film buffs and people who love to see all the details. Read the rest of Lindsey's review.


The Art Museum by Phaidon Editors and Diane Fortenberry The Art Museum
Trying to replicate the immersive experience of being in a real museum is an ambitious task. However, Phaidon has expertly crafted one of the most comprehensive collections of stunning art images and vivid photos of the museums they reside in that I have ever seen. The chapters are laid out like a real museum and include almost any artistic format you could imagine. Flipping through this book is like being on your own strolling from exhibit to exhibit, making the finest galleries in the world your own personal playground. Read the rest of Chris' review. 


 Kids' & Young Adult News and Staff Recommendations

Imaginative play begins with facts that children absorb from all those non-fiction books they love—sometimes the more obscure the better!

The best part is that you don’t have to know a child’s reading level to get a book that will amaze them. They will return to the book over and over again as they grow.

Our holiday catalog books will light their imaginations by starting with fact books and imaginative playsets, and then blossom into novels featuring time travel and historical fiction. Dig in!

- Jamie, Kids' Book Buyer

Night and DayNight and Day: A Big Book of Opposites
by Julie Safirstein
Such a down-right clever, unique, interactive book! You and your little one will have so much fun lifting flaps, turning pages, and discovering opposites. Whether it’s left from right or outside from in, you will enjoy pulling this book off the shelf again and again. Even the big kids will like this one. Ages 2 - 5. - Susan


The Superhero Adventure Playset Superhero Playset
by Jason Ford 
What looks like a hardcover, beautifully illustrated book opens to a 3D super world! Choose from a city scene, an evil laboratory, or a fire and ice cave. Add in any one of twelve characters and your child can create a different story every time they open the book. This is one book I will never tire of reading to my grandchildren since each adventure is ours to create. Ages 4+. - Carlene


How Things WorkHow Things Work: Inside Out
by T. J. Resler

Have you ever tried researching how something works? Cameras, smart phones, skyscrapers, and self-driving cars are just a few things this book tackles. With colorful illustrations and diagrams, How Things Work takes complex topics and boils them down to their most basic nature so that anyone can understand the mystery behind how things actually work.
Ages 7 - 12. Read the rest of Chris' review. 


Explanatorium of Nature by DK 
The cover and every single page of this book is super cool with spectacular photographs of all things in the natural world. You feel like you can reach out and touch a chameleon’s skin or a leopard’s fur. When not being blown away by the photos, you will learn about how hummingbirds hover and frogs communicate and thousands of other fascinating nature facts. Great family gift! Ages 7 - 12. - Julie


Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic by Armand Baltazar
What if the past, present, and future had been mashed together creating a whole new world? That’s Diego’s world. And when his father—a talented engineer whose skills have been helping stabilize this new world—is kidnapped, Diego goes after him. Joining him is best friend Petey, from the 1920s, and classmates Paige from 1984, and Lucy from the late 1800s. They end up on a pirate ship, travel across the ocean, and make a shattering discovery. This is a grand tale of adventure! Ages 8 - 12. Read the rest of Susan's review. 


Blood and Ink by Stephen Davies 
Based on true events that happened in Timbuktu in 2012, conservative Muslim Ali meets liberal Muslim Kadi during a siege that will change their lives. Dramatic and thoughtful, nothing could be more important than examining these perspectives and seeing them played out with an ending that will leave you breathless. Historical fiction, thriller, and love story - this is one of my top picks of the year!
Ages 12+. - Jamie


Set your table with style, polka dots, and reindeer this holiday season!
Add a fir tree candle or a handsome wooden Rudolph for an extra touch.

Don’t forget to take a new lesson from How to Set a Table by Alpha Smoot,
a hip, fabric-covered guide demonstrating creative ways to style a table - whether for a sit-down dinner, cocktail party, brunch buffet,
picnic in the park, or a fun get-together!

Not sure what to pick? A Gift Card is always a great gift!